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Unless you personally like to dress like Don Draper to work, you can say goodbye to formal shirts and pants, stuffy suits, and polished shoes. Breathe free from your 9-5 grind and weekend morning blues by switching to thoughtful business casual alternatives that will give you that impressive, snappy look!

If you are more sartorially inclined than your colleagues, you have a lot more space to experiment with your look in this segment without compromising your office style. That is why sneakers for men are becoming more common in offices today. Lucky for you, your feet will not be sore anymore stuffed inside those dapper office shoes! Get hands-on, high-quality business casual sneakers at JACK&JONES.

4 Types of Sneakers You Can Wear to Work 

But are sneakers business casual? Absolutely! When you have the right pair, and you know how to complement it with your office wear, you can wear sneakers to work (make sure that your office is okay with a relaxed dress code). Check out these fantastic men’s sneakers that can seamlessly pass off as a dress shoe.

●      The Smart And Classy Brown Leather Sneakers

Want to test the waters before fully wearing sneakers to work? You can never go wrong with a pair of brown leather sneakers! Leather is a luxurious fabric that exudes an office vibe. When you complement it with a neutral colour like brown, you can show off to your colleagues how cool and classy you can be in your sneakers.

A brown sneaker is a must-have footwear for men that you can effortlessly wear in any setting – office or casual occasions. Pair this with your blue pants or grey, white or brown khakis to rock that perfect office look.     

●      The Bold And Attractive Oxford Sneakers

Turn up the style with a pair of Oxford sneakers, a more viable and stylish “business casual” alternative to your conventional laced shoes. These are perfect for semi-formal gatherings or an evening out with colleagues, offering you a refined look while being superbly comfortable. Go for tan, beige, or black sneakers for men that you can easily pair with any formal dress. With or without socks—it’s absolutely on you!

Lifestyle footwear for men brand JACK&JONES has every style you want in Oxford sneakers for a game-changing office look. 

●      The Minimalist Yet Versatile White Sneakers For Men

Let’s be honest—when it comes to office wear, you will never go wrong with white. And what could be more irresistible than a pair of white sneakers for men? They are amazingly versatile and effortlessly complement almost any kind of formal outfit. However, ditch the conventional canvas white sneakers for men and go for premium-quality leather or suede to create a more sophisticated formal look.

●      Add More Personality With Brogue Sneakers

Want a business casual sneaker with more personality? A pair of brogues will never fail you!! They are absolutely office-appropriate, elevating your look and appeal at work. As for the colour, you should stick to typical black and brown hues.

Wrapping Up

A thoughtfully chosen sneaker can help you rock that perfect business casual look. When you are wearing it to work, avoid sneakers with athletic designs or bold patterns. Do not choose bold hues such as red sneakers for men as your office wear. Instead, go for neutral colours like black, white, brown, grey or beige. The goal is to create a minimalistic yet refined look in a pair of sneakers.   Check out a wide range of materials, styles and colours in business casual sneakers at JACK&JONES, the online portal for men’s premium footwear for men collection.