Flipkart's stock priceFlipkart's stock price

Your doubts about the rapid rise in the Flipkart unlisted share price end here if you wish to buy it from the top broker to get high returns. Compared to the increase in other unlisted share prices, Flipkart’s share price is phenomenal.  From Rs. 10,000, Flipkart’s stock price doubled to over Rs. 20,000 within a year from March 2023 to March 2024.  This is because everything about Flipkart is phenomenal, from its humble beginning in 2007 to having over 50% of the e-commerce market share in India. It was also acquired by the world’s biggest retail chain, Walmart, outsmarting Amazon for a whopping one lakh crore rupees in 2018. 

So, check out the many reasons for the recent rapid rise in Flipkart’s unlisted share price, which is to reach new highs and make windfall profits in the future. 

Why Flipkart share price is increasing?

Similar to Amazon in the US, the world leader in the e-commerce market, Flipkart started as an online book store in 2007; Bangalore is the e-commerce market leader in India with over half of its share.  As the pioneer of e-commerce sales, it became so significant that both Amazon and Walmart wanted to buy for a considerable amount.  Walmart succeeded in the bidding war by buying 77% of Flipkart’s shareholding for a massive amount of 16 billion dollars, which was one of the biggest takeovers in India. The following are a few reasons among the many for the rapid rise in Flipkart’s share price in recent months, which will continue in the future. 

  1. Flipkart saw a 21% increase in users, with over 400 million registered users buying over 150 million products in various categories to increase revenue every year.

2.               Flipkart is planning to shift Walmart’s domicile from Singapore to India as a stepping stone to launch its initial public offering soon. 

3.               During the financial year 2024 results, Flipkart clocked over 1.6 growth on a Y-O-Y or year-on-year of its grocery business, of which half were delivered through electric vehicles to save Mother Earth.

4.               Flipkart is the only e-commerce company to deliver groceries the next day in over 200 cities across India, including the metro and many tier-two towns, to give itself an edge over its competitors, Reliance and others.

5.               Flipkart’s 2024 valuation is around 40 billion dollars, even after the PhonePe demerger, well over the 16 billion Walmart investment. 

6.               In 2024, Walmart infused over 3.5 billion dollars to increase its shareholding in Flipkart to around 85% from 77% in 2018. Call the consultant of the renowned platform to know more about the Tata Capital share price rise and invest in one of the top unlisted shares to yield high returns. Stockify is your go-to platform for real-time stock data, expert analysis, and access to pre-IPO unlisted shares for smart investing. Buy unlisted shares at stokify.