How to make sailor moon costumeHow to make sailor moon costume

Creating a Sailor Moon costume can be a fun project, whether it’s for Halloween, cosplay, or a themed event. Sailor Moon is a beloved character from the popular anime and manga series. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a Sailor Moon costume:

Materials You’ll Need:

For the Sailor Moon Outfit:

  • White leotard or bodysuit
  • Blue or navy skirt
  • Red ribbon or fabric for the bow
  • Red or pink knee-high socks or stockings
  • White gloves
  • Red or pink high heels or boots
  • Yellow or gold tiara or headpiece
  • White craft foam or felt (for collar)
  • Red or pink gemstone (for brooch)
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Fabric glue or adhesive
  • Velcro or snaps (optional)

For Accessories:

  • Long blonde wig (if your hair is not blonde)
  • Moon-shaped earrings (optional)
  • Crescent moon wand or scepter prop (optional)
  • Red or pink makeup (for rosy cheeks)
  • Red or pink lipstick


  1. Sailor Suit:
    • Start with a white leotard or bodysuit as the base of the Sailor Moon outfit.
    • Sew or glue a blue or navy skirt to the leotard, ensuring it sits at your waist. The skirt should flare out.
  2. Collar:
    • Cut a strip of white craft foam or felt and shape it into a sailor collar. Attach it to the leotard neckline using fabric glue or by sewing it in place.
  3. Red Bow:
    • Create a large red bow that ties at the back of your costume. You can either make it from fabric or buy a pre-made bow and sew it onto the back of the leotard.
  4. Accessories:
    • Craft or purchase a tiara or headpiece resembling Sailor Moon’s crescent moon symbol. Wear it on your forehead.
  5. Stockings and Gloves:
    • Put on red or pink knee-high socks or stockings. Add white gloves that extend to your elbows.
  6. Footwear:
    • Wear red or pink high heels or boots. If you don’t have the exact color, you can use fabric paint or cover existing shoes with fabric.
  7. Brooch:
    • Create Sailor Moon’s brooch by attaching a red or pink gemstone to the center of your collar.
  8. Wig:
    • If your hair isn’t blonde, wear a long blonde wig styled like Sailor Moon’s hair. Make sure to secure it properly.
  9. Makeup:
    • Apply makeup to create Sailor Moon’s iconic rosy cheeks. Use red or pink blush and lipstick to complete the look.
  10. Earrings (Optional):
    • If you have moon-shaped earrings, wear them to add more detail to your costume.
  11. Prop (Optional):
    • If you want to carry a Crescent Moon Wand or Scepter prop, create or purchase one to complete the Sailor Moon look.
  12. Final Touches:
    • Make any final adjustments or additions to your costume. Ensure everything is securely attached and fits comfortably.
  13. Try On the Full Costume:
    • Put on the complete Sailor Moon costume, including the wig and makeup, to ensure it looks accurate and fits well.

Now, you’re ready to transform into Sailor Moon, the champion of justice! This costume is sure to capture the essence of the beloved character and make you stand out at any cosplay event or costume party.