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When deciding to create or revamp your website, another consideration comes into play: Freelance web designer – to be or not to be, that’s the question – or should it be to Hire or not to hire a web design agency?They are not exactly hard and fast decisions, but each has its benefits and disadvantages, aiding those who hope to select the correct style for their project. This post will expound the contrast between freelance web designers and web design agencies so that the reader is well equipped with the right choice to make.

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Freelance Web Designers

Personalised Service

Independent contractors also offer a service that may be more unique and tailored to suit a client compared to giant companies or firms. Due to the fact they both plan and execute these projects by themselves, you should expect that you may be enjoying close door communication. This may lead to the development of the product that is as close a representation of the envisaged design and characteristics as possible.


Freelance employees often have lower overheads than agencies operating as middlemen, meaning that prices can be more accessible. This makes them an ideal choice to those businesses that are just starting, individuals with a limited amount of cash and many other such ventures. But always bear in mind that you need not always cut costs with quality, especially if the goal is to achieve the best results in a project.


Another advantage is that freelancers can work for shorter periods during the day and within the hours and time agreed on with clients. They usually show flexibility in responding to unique needs and time constraints of others to ensure you meet your set time. This makes the process quite beneficial if you work either on a short deadline or if the timeframe keeps changing in your projects.

Specialised Expertise

It is common to find freelancers who are experts in specific niches like e-commerce designs, or have specific knowledge of website design languages like HTML 5 with jQuery for user interface design, or proficiency in the WordPress design. You get to know a freelancer that specialises in what is needed for your project.

Limited Resources

The primary disadvantage of using a freelancer is having limited access to resources, or at least, far less access to resources than with a traditional employee. Every freelancer is not endowed with all the specialties necessary for the overall performance of a project like graphic designing, writing, or even a SEO. Third, the project might take longer due to being worked on in parallel with the projects of other clients of the freelancer.

Web Design Agencies

Comprehensive Services

Web design agencies are capable of providing a complete range of solutions ranging from design and programming, internet marketing and SEO, and content development. This approach allows one to deduce that we offer a professional touch in all aspects of a given website, thus coming up with balanced website makings.

Team Collaboration

To get this done, agencies employ workers composed of designers, developers, project managers, and marketers. It encourages synergy and creative thinking when developing solutions ultimately resulting in complex solutions that address all the requirements. It even becomes challenging to detect whoever worked on which part since everyone brings their best in creating a professional looking website.

Reliability and Accountability

It is widely accepted that agencies are usually involved in project development and have their set procedures and methodologies for project management, which ensures better and precisely scheduled projects. They are also more liable for reproducing insight into the undertaking since their reputation and future business relies on the accomplishment of the set goals. This can be a comfort, knowing that your project is in good hands and will be completed with efficiency.


In case your website’s needs will be changing in the future and require more changes, additions or new features for example, this also often proves to be a great advantage for deciding in favour of an agency because they can promptly adjust the amount of resources necessary. Cooper also points out that one of the major benefits of this scalability is especially important for the businesses that aim at their long-term development.

Higher Costs

One major disadvantage of outsourcing your web design to an agency is the amount of money you are likely to spend. Companies often charge more than independent contractors for their services because the latter’s overhead costs are higher as well as the range of services they offer. But it also means investing into a higher quality and option that may or may not be as extensive.

Potential for Less Personalization

Large agencies as compared to individual freelancers could not offer considerable individual attention over the projects. One disadvantage is that many of the roles involved in your project may be handled by other people, which could make the interactions more formalised and templated.

Freelance web designer or web design agency – it is essential to decide which way to choose depending on the individual situation, the amount that one is willing to spend and how large the project that needs to be designed in question is. This option is useful and suitable for smaller projects or lower budgets as freelancers can focus on specific tasks and often offer equal to or even better quality of work at a cheaper price than an agency. At the same time, agencies offer more extensive services, meaning teamwork, and the ability to scale, which are crucial for larger and/or longer projects or building a strong business with consistent development.

the final choice should be made according to multiple factors, peculiarities of your specific project or the type of work that you are going to implement, and of course, according to the priorities that are most crucial for you in a cooperation with the individual or team of experts. If you hire a freelancer for your website, you will obtain relatively more focused and creative work, while hiring an agency will give you a powerful tool that will contribute to achieving your online goal, which is the creation of the successful website representing your brand.

Investing in a custom website for business helps to effectively showcase your products and services online.