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Designing the interior of a home is not easy. There are so many details that we need to consider. Despite that, it is also essential to match the designs and colours of all the home furnishings and create a beautiful atmosphere inside your rooms.

Generally speaking, we pay attention to furniture the most. We want everything to look nice and feel comfortable when we return home. One option that many people gladly use is wood furniture.

The reason why people decide on this option is pretty simple to understand. For starters, wood furniture is durable and can last for many years. Another reason is the quality of the furniture range as people can choose between many options. The online world is whole of stores where we can find something that meets our expectations. In the end, versatility and sustainability play a key role and have a strong influence on people’s decisions.

All these qualities exist without any doubt. However, that doesn’t mean we should not maintain the wood furniture. That is why we want to share tips for keeping your wood furniture in good condition. You don’t have to be a genius, as most of the steps from the list below are straightforward. Let’s find them out together!

Keep Wood Furniture As Clean As Possible

It is not a secret that people work hard every single day. The last thing we want to do after a tough day at work is clean. However, that is necessary if you want your wood furniture to keep the same quality.

People often use all-purpose cleaners to complete this part of the job. Unfortunately, that can only ruin its quality and cause damage. Getting a cloth, water, and mild dish detergent will be enough. After you make that “cocktail”, gently wipe the area that requires cleaning.

Try to Protect Your Wood Furniture

We often forget about protecting wood furniture. The polishes and sprays that we use today often contain silicone oil and petroleum distillates. Their purpose is to boost the level of protection of all our wood furniture.

However, we have one thing to say: Do not overuse these products. They may create a sticky film when mixed with dirt. It is important to buff the wood whenever you use these products. On the other hand, it is essential not to mix them with wax protectants. In that way, you will only make a mess.

You Can Try to Re-Oil Your Old Furniture

Re-oiling is not always going to be necessary. However, if the furniture you have is old, it can help a lot. Over time, wood becomes dry, especially if we store it somewhere. If you want to use this method, you need to go step by step.

For starters, get the appropriate cleaner (different oil soaps). After that, get the steel wool and apply the oil to the furniture with it. Let the wood soak the oil for around 30 minutes. After that process ends, the last step is to add a protective coating. It is recommended not to touch anything in the next day or two and leave furniture that way. The results will be almost magical.